Timpte® has become the best-selling grain hopper in North America. Timpte Inc. has been manufacturing bulk commodity trailers for over 125 years. As one of the pioneers in the development of these trailers, we have positioned ourselves to serve your specific needs today and into the future.

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More than 40 years of expertise. Manac: the semitrailers of tomorrow. Our source of inspiration? Your requirements.

Innovative design. Unique details. Brilliant features. Remarkable manufacturing. Everything you need to facilitate your operations.

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You will maximize your profit potential with Innovative Trailers chip trailers. The Foundation is a cutting edge design that maximizes structural strength while minimizing trailer weight. Utilizing premium quality components and materials, ITI's veteran work force builds every chip trailer to deliver year upon year of dependable service with little profit-robbing time spent in the shop. The result is a maximum return on your investment. And if you ever decide to replace your ITI, you will be delighted at how well it has retained its value.

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Trinity Trailer’s “Bridge” design and construction provide a number of benefits unavailable in conventional self unloading belt trailers. Flexibility means our trailers can withstand rough, demanding conditions without structural damage. Strength without mass means our trailers are durable while maintaining an overall lighter weight. Versatility means an “Eagle Bridge” Trailer can haul a variety of payloads. Whether your application calls for a carbon steel, a stainless steel or our rugged Agri-Flex trailer, all Trinity Trailers can be configured to meet the needs of virtually every bulk hauler.